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Electrical Advice for the Home from your local electrician in Nottingham

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As a house holder in Nottingham, you will no doubt be aware of some of the dangers that electricity can present in the home, but what do you classify as a problem?


Many homes in Nottingham already have electrical dangers present that the householders are not aware of. This doesn't mean necessarily mean there are dangerous electrics in the home, it is often as simple as how you use electricity that can make it dangerous.


Are you looking for a reliable electrician in nottingham who understands your electrical needs?

When you require electrical services in your home or garden in the Nottingham area, myself and my expert team of NICEIC electricians are at your service.

I am Based in Nottingham and also serve the East Midlands towns and cities including Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield.


Landlords failing to respond to electrical problems on time

 Consumer Unit Replacement in Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield

The latest statistics from the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) reveal some worrying facts that landlords are not responding timely to reports of serious property issues such as water leaks, electrical failure and boiler breakdowns. The statistics further reveal that tenants are having to continually pursue their landlords about sorting out problems such as no hot water, broken taps and tripping lights.

Electrical Safety Advice – after your home has been flooded

Water Damaged Property

As increasing numbers of households in the UK are battling to keep flood water at bay, you would be easily forgiven for overlooking your electrical safety. However it is important that in the post flood water clean up that you ensure your home electrics have not been damaged by flood water. I work with a growing number of clients across Nottingham, Derby and Mansfield who live near rivers and who have unfortunately been affected by flooding when the rivers have burst their banks.